Research Projects


Surveys for Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera (EPT) Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN).

This is Texas Parks and Wildlife funded project that is evaluating the current distribution of rare Texas macroinvertebrates. The Greenwold lab is developing a novel eDNA sampling strategy for eight EPT taxa.

Develop a nationally scalable monitoring and assessment program to improve the ACEP-WRE program 

This NRCS, USDA funded project is a multistate grant led by Dr. Mike Eggleton at The University of Arkansas. Overall, this project seeks to compare the structure and function of reconstructed wetlands to agricultural and naturally-occurring wetlands. The Greenwold lab is focused on studying bird fauna and developing an avian Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) for wetlands in the Red River watershed.

Use of a LAMP eDNA Assay in Endangered Houston Toad Monitoring Programs

Through a collaboration with Dr. William Lutterschmidt at Sam Houston State University, the Greenwold lab will be developing a field eDNA assay for detection of the endangered Houston toad. This research is funded by the Texas Comptroller.

Development of an eDNA Sampling Method for critically imperiled Procambarus crayfish of Texas

The most recent project will involve developing an eDNA sampling strategy for crayfish listed as Texas Species of Greatest Conservation Need and is funded by Texas Parks and Wildlife.